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Start Your Blog Or Improve Your Existing Blog

Would you like to be a better blogger, increase the traffic to your blog, and improve the other areas associated with having a blog?

Or you may have always wanted to start a blog, but you didn’t know where to begin. This course takes you step by step from setting up your blog to having your very own successful blog.

Taking free online courses is a way to get up to speed quickly in an easy to understand format. Most of them take about a week to complete and are filled with actionable steps you can implement into your blog and see immediate results.

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The 10 Day Blogging Quickstart Course

The 10 Day Blogging Quickstart – By Abby Lawson, her highly successful blog “Just A Girl And Her Blog” receives over 500,000 views per month, she is a full time blogger and her blogging income is her only income that supports her family.

This course is a combination video/email course which you will receive an email every day for 10 days. The course walks you through step by step of every aspect of starting your blog or improving on the blog you already have.

Included in the course are 13 videos which takes you step by step through topics like:

  • How to connect with your readers and develop a content strategy
  • How to start an email list and how to grow your email list
  • How to implement search engine optimization
  • The best methods to make money blogging
  • And much much more

This is a complete blogging course, taught in easy to understand teaching style. The 13 video tutorials are a great way of learning by seeing it in action type of teaching model.



This is a complete break down of what you will learn from each day of the course:

Day 1

How to choose a blog topic, branding and domain name selection, setting up blog hosting, and writing your first post.

Day 2

How to make your site pretty, choosing a theme, the best WordPress plugins, and brainstorming post ideas.

Day 3

Essential pages to have on your blog, site security, and blog analytics.

Day 4 

Introducing yourself to your readers and implementing a social media strategy that makes sense.

Day 5

How to take pretty pictures, connect with your readers, and develop a content strategy.

Day 6

Creating a list and the importance of email, my favorite email marketing service, and how to get more email subscribers.

Day 7

How to connect with other bloggers, get noticed, and build strategic relationships.

Day 8

SEO (search engine optimization) best practices and content promotion strategies.

Day 9

5 effective ways to make money blogging.

Day 10

Congratulations! You did it! Here are your next steps.

I am sure you will gain great value from this course, and 10 days from now you will have your own successful blog or improve on your existing blog by increasing your email list and improve your ranking in Google and so much more.

Take your blogging to the next level, Become a Professional Blogger Today!