Make Money Blogging Made Easy

How to make money blogging

Make money blogging is very real. Unlike what you see online, you won’t make $10,000 next month, but in time you could make $10,000 per month, there are people making much more than that.

Fortunately WordPress has made it simple to start a blog and earn an income from your blog. You can go to, and start a free blog, but they have many limitations.

The best option is to use This requires hosting, which you can obtain from for less than $4 per month, and that includes a free domain name. That’s right, for less than $4 per month you can start your own income producing blog.

Actually, it is a combination blog and website, some pages will be web pages and others will be your blog. Or if you prefer, your site can contain all web pages.

Step 1

To make money blogging, you need to find a company to host your blog. Get hosting at, choose your domain name, and follow their 1 click installation of WordPress, no technical skills required, if you can click a mouse, you can install WordPress in less than 5 minutes.

Step 2

Now you are ready to write content for your blog. It is best to select a topic that interest you and you have knowledge about. This way, writing content will be fun and interesting, instead of a chore.

Top Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Sell products for a commission that someone else has created

The best websites to do this is and, they are both free to join. Clickbank offers over 40,000 products with most of the commissions ranging from 40% – 75%. They offer a wide range of marketing methods you can include on your blog including banner ads, text ads, links to their sales pages, and pre-written product review post.

make money blogging offer physical products on their site. The commissions are much lower, ranging from 5% – 20%. Also, it is hard to be approved to sell the merchant’s products. They also have strict policies and how and where you can promote their products.

Create and sell your own reports and ebooks on your blog

You don’t have to be a good writer, just write about what is in high demand and create solutions to problems people are experiencing. Ebooks don’t need to be long, in fact the smaller ebooks sell better because consumers can see themselves reading them, unlike an 80 page ebook.

An ebook is nothing more than a Word document that is saved as a PDF file with a cover and a table of context. A great resource for your ebook cover if, where you can have a professional looking cover created for $5. There are many free plugins available to set up your blog to sell your products.

Create your own online store with physical products

If creating your own products don’t interest you, consider having your own online store on your blog selling other people’s products. Sell products that relate to your blog content, this is your perfect target audience.

Sell your own services and talents

If you have a certain skill like programming, art, writing, proficient in a computer program like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Infographics, you can sell your services and talents if it relates to your blog.

A blog is useless unless it is read by your visitors. Learn how to drive traffic to your blog.