Internet Marketing Strategy Made Easy

Internet Marketing Strategy

An internet marketing strategy is a must to be successful online. To drive traffic to your site or blog or increasing your online sales, a marketing strategy is key.

The main types of online marketing that you should include in your strategy are:

  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Banner Ads
  • Blog Content
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engines

Social Media – Internet Marketing Strategy

Facebook is the largest social media sites, go where the people are already at, Facebook.

internet marketing strategy

Action Items for Facebook

  1. Create a business page, filling out all the information is vital, visitors will be able to find you easier. Post a real picture of you, after all this is a “Social Media” site. Stay away from logos or pictures of objects.
  2. Upload your banner image, this image should relate to the post on your business page. If you can’t find the right picture or size, go to and select your Facebook banner image for free. It is already formatted for Facebook, the correct dimensions for the banner image.
  3. Fill in your website address in the Website tab.
  4. Start to post, it doesn’t have to be the perfect post, the most important thing is to post something. Posts with images receive the most exposure, and then set up a schedule to post once a day or twice a day. The key is to interact with your visitors, get to know them, people do business with people they know, like, and trust.
  5. Send your friends the link to your new Facebook Business Page and anyone that you think would benefit from your page. The important thing is to keep it up to date, there is nothing worse than a business page that their last post was 6 months ago.

internet marketing strategy

Action Items for Twitter

  1. Upload a picture of you, once again don’t use a logo or object, people want to know they are interaction with a real person. Upload your banner image, is an excellent source for free Twitter banner images also.
  2. Fill out your bio, use all the spaces allowed to tell your Twitter followers about you and what you do and how you can benefit them. Don’t use # (hashtags), remember they are clickable, and once they click on one, off of your page they go.
  3. Followers are important, but not just any followers, you want followers that are relevant to your business or the solutions you provide. Find an influencer in your niche, you will find the most targeted followers there.

Tweet often, use free services like Buffer to schedule your tweets throughout the day at the best times of the day. Use Buffer Optimal Timing Tool under the Schedule Tab to find the best times throughout the day to schedule your tweets.internet marketing strategyinternet marketing strategy