Free Methods to Get Traffic

How to get visitors to your site with free traffic methods?

IBO ToolBox 

A huge platform for like minded people who has an online business or is looking to start an online business. This just isn’t free traffic, it is free targeted traffic, the best type of traffic you should be looking for.

What do they offer:

  • Free banner and text ads
  • Free social profile
  • Wall to post and read comments about making money online
  • Free live weekly training
  • Earn commissions
  • Chat live with other members
  • Newsletter filled with information on how to improve your business

They have over 300,000 visitors every day with over 1,500,000 ad views every day. Your business will receive huge exposure here, which will translate into more visitors and more sales for you.

IBO Exchange – A platform to increase your social media presence.

IBO Tube – Post your videos and use them in all of your marketing.

Post Ads Daily

Post free daily ads in a wide range of areas. You can post up to 7 ads every day. This is a huge site with over 39,000 members.


Safelist are sites that you can send emails to members of the safelist sites. Things to look for when selecting safelists are:

  • How often can you send your message to the members
  • How many members can you send emails per day
  • How large is the member list
  • How many credits do you earn per email read

There are many safelists and they vary greatly, some are a waste of your time. Some allow you to send your message to their members daily, while others only allow once per week.

You are receive more exposure if the safelist’s member count is 20,000 instead of 2,000. Safelists places a limit on the number of their members you can send your message to, ranging from 2,000 to 20,000.