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Free Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

Free blog traffic using Pinterest

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Free Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a great site to tap into to grow your blog traffic. It can easily be your top referral traffic source, and it is all free. There are over 150 million users on Pinterest every month and studies show Pinterest users spend more money every day on Pinterest than on any other social media site.

Switch To A Business Account

Switching to a business account is free and easy, this is located in your Settings options. You will then be able to use your Pinterest Analytics and stats, which will show your top pins, profile stats, daily impressions and viewers from your blog, and the number of people you reach.

Pinterest Share Button On Your Blog

To increase pinning activity from your blog, download the share button on your blog. You can do this by downloading a variety of plugins available from WordPress, like Pinterest Pin It or Social Media Share Buttons.

Claim Your Website

Pinterest Claim Your WebsiteThis is also located under your Settings, you are verifying you own your blog. After claiming your website, you will have access to all of your blog’s analytics. This is Pinterest’s directions on claiming your website.

Your Profile

Picture – Upload a professional headshot photo of yourself, stay away from logos, pets, or children. You want your picture to convey that you are a real person and not hiding behind a company logo.

Bio – Add a short paragraph describing what you do along with keywords, so you will appear on searches related to your blog.

Creating Boards

Create about 10 boards to start with that are related to your blog. If you come across pins you want to save that are not related to your blog, you can always save them on your secret boards.

You want to stay on topic with your blog theme, so your visitors can see what you are passionate about. Title your boards and the board’s description with your keywords in mind.

You should also you hashtags, so people can find your boards when they perform a search for one of your keywords, just don’t overdo it. I have seen over 20 hashtags on some boards, keep your hashtag count at no more than 5.

Group Boards

Group boards are boards that have a large number of contributors to the board. You have to ask permission to join the group boards, the instructions on how to join are located on the group boards themselves. Normally you email the creator of the group board and follow the creator on Pinterest to get accepted to become one of the contributors on their group board.

Creating Pins

Start by creating pins for each blog post, and pin them from your website to Pinterest. Then create 3 additional pins for each blog post and save them to Pinterest. A great site for creating awesome looking pins is PicMonkey, they offer a free 7-day trial.

Work on creating 5 pins for each board that you have created. Look through the pins on Pinterest and see which ones stand out to you. You can use this as inspiration in creating your own pins.

Normally the pins that stand out are ones that are bright in color, has text in different color and types of fonts, are at least 600 pixels wide X 900 pixels long. Stay away from the fancy fonts, they are very hard to read, the easier your font is to read, the more saves and clicks you will receive.

The case is the same with pins, place your keywords and hashtags in the title and the description like when creating boards. Use the search bar on Pinterest to discover the most popular search terms.

Pinning Schedule

The key to a successful pinning schedule is consistency. Pinterest would like to see you pin a little every day rather than just once a week. The best time to pin is after 8PM Monday through Friday and after 2PM on the weekends. Typically, you will see your traffic decrease in the Summer months, due to more people sending time outside and on vacation, and less time on Pinterest.

Pinterest Stats

It is best to not only pin your pins but, curate other people’s pins as well. This gives your board a more thorough coverage of your topics. Also, it would look pretty spammy if you were to pin the same pin over and over in a row on your boards. A good ratio to follow is 50/50, 50% your pins and 50% of other people’s pins. A goal to achieve is to pin 50 total pins per day.


Tailwind is the only approved scheduler for Pinterest. They offer a free 30-day trial period with no credit card required, for you to test out their scheduler. This makes pinning and pinning at the optimum times and days of the week automatic. Tailwind has the best times to pin each day programmed into the software, you just select the next available time from the drop-down menu.

Tailwind also has what they call are Tribes, which is basically their version of the group boards. You can search for different Tribes, join Tribes, and create your own Tribe inside of Tailwind. They also include stats for each Tribe, Tribe Overview and Your Stats, so you can determine if the Tribe is beneficial to you.

They have a huge section of analytics under the Insights section, which includes:

  • Pin Inspector
  • Profile Performance
  • Board Insights
  • Website Insights
  • Organic Activity

To start your free 30-day trial, click here.

How To Gain Followers

You will gain more followers simple by creating pins every week and pinning every day. You can also follow people in the hopes that they would follow you back. It is best to follow only people that share your interests otherwise, you will have a large group of followers that are not engaging with your pins.

Action Items:

  1. Create a business account
  2. Create 10 boards
  3. Join PicMonkey’s free 7-day trial
  4. Create 3 pins for each post on your blog
  5. Join Tailwind’s free 30-day trial
  6. Pin 5 pins to each of your 10 boards
  7. Pin 20 pins a day to your boards
  8. Have fun





How To Use Evernote For Your Online Business


Evernote is a free download to help you keep you on track with your business tasks, save important information from different websites, create and track to do lists, scan documents, and more.

A note is similar to a file, and a notebook is similar to a folder. To create a new note, click on New Note. If you paste a file into Evernote in a new note, it automatically titles your note the same name as your file name.


There are many different ways to create a note:

  • Make a To Do List for your daily, weekly, and monthly business tasks
  • Record an audio file of important information that you want to recall later
  • Save website pages, photos, and PDF files you want to reference later
  • Write or highlight right on the website pages, photos, documents, and PDF files
  • Scan documents and business cards

Since this is web based, you can access your notes from all of your electronic devices, computer, phone, or tablet. There is no need to remember to save your information, Evernote saves and syncs your information automatically.

Once you start to create new notes, you want to organize them into Notebooks, in order to find them quickly when you want to access the notes. To create a new Notebook, hover over Notebook, click on the + icon to the right of the Notebook. A pop up will appear, type in the name for your new notebook. You just created your first notebook.

Evernote To Do List

To create a To-Do-List, add a new note. On each line, input your business task to be completed. At the beginning of each line, insert “Add A Checkbox”. When you complete a task, click on the checkbox to display a checkmark inside the box.

With the “Clip To Evernote” Google Chrome Extension, you can save a web page for future reference.  Click to save it as an Article, Full Page, Bookmark, or Screenshot. You can also highlight, add shapes, icons, and text right on the webpage.

Evernote Webpage Markup

You can see now why this free business tool is a must have for your online or offline business.

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